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Hi there! Welcome to Tenerife! Flights – checked; holiday rental – checked; car rental – checked; must see, must do – checked… Great, you’re all set for a hassle-free, holiday mode vacation! We thought maybe give you a little extra time at the beach, or for that hike, without worrying about brunch or lunch and the fresh croissants you’d love to have for breakfast. This is what we came up with: dive once more into the ocean, check out one more gift shop, finish that chapter, take the longer, picturesque walk and we think of a way for food to find you at your convenience. We went above and beyond in our quest to find the ultimate solution for efficient lunch and breakfast to save more for beach time and other fun activities. That, and the fact that we have children, we are quite peaky with food and we get hungry really fast at the beach. Long story short: how do you feel about not having to walk around for at least half an hour to make up your mind about where to eat for lunch, or figure out the nearest supermarket to buy oranges for the fresh juice in the morning? If you’re anything like us and know the bad temper hunger can bring upon you and your entourage, let us suggest you a few solutions. Tell us where you’re staying, when and what you would like to have catered to you for breakfast, lunch or snack. Let us know your whereabouts, so we can recommend some fine establishments to have your main course on the table as soon as possible, make a reservation for you and maybe suggest some of our personal favorite dishes. Relax and savor your holiday. You do all the searching, the shopping, the cooking, and the planning all year round at home. Forget about all of that on your vacation. Just explore and enjoy. We’ll make the shortlist for you, and based on your preferences and needs, we will provide the options that suit your itinerary, time and budget.

We have personally tried all the places we recommend, and we truly hope you will enjoy them as well. If you do, please come back and tell us about your experience. We want to keep our selection updated, and the situation with restaurants can change pretty quickly, so your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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