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About Us

Hosts of the Remarkable


We know this island inside and out and know there are many different ways you can spend your vacation here, so it’s our goal to find what’s right for you. From beginning to end, we ensure that your Tenerife holiday will be a hassle-free, personalized experience filled with great food, great activities, and memories that will last a lifetime. We provide customized hands on itineraries in Tenerife. We are very passionate about our mission to ensure our guest experience is seamless.

Our services include and are not limited to: accommodation bookings, excursions, restaurant reservations, show/events tickets, theme parks entries, transportation, boat tours, personal shopper, photo shootings, event planner and everything else your wonderer soul may lust for on your Tenerife holiday.

We create itineraries, which feature favourite activities, secluded beaches, must do tours or best local gastronomic experience. Whatever it is that you may need to make your holiday brilliant, we are up to the challenge and make all desires possible.

We outperform and over deliver. Tenerife by HOST distinguishes through experience, dedication and results. We treat each guest, as we like to be treated ourselves when we travel. We show consideration to your requests and expectations. We are your host in Tenerife, always here to greet you with a smile and earnest guidance.